All engineers and architects insist that proper selection and justification for any HVAC system is a crucial element of the design process.
The prime objective is to ensure that the HVAC system will minimise the impact on the natural and physical environment through gains in energy efficiency and low operational costs. It must provide the most appropriate approach, on a “whole of Life” basis, in terms of capital, operating, replacement and maintenance costs.
Ductworks Australia is an integrator and service provider of mechanical systems and services for the HVAC+R industry sector. As your mechanical services contractor we bring together all aspects and components of a mechanical system to function as a complete and cost effective operating mechanical system.
Prior to commencing any HVAC project we liaise with the nominated consultant and sponsor(s) to clearly identify performance objectives and compliance criterion, these include but not limited to the following;
  • Occupancy levels and types
  • Equipment Loads and Lighting Loads
  • Special user requirements (e.g. comfort conditions, security, redundancy, filtration levels, control tolerance, pressurization requirements, possible relaxations etc)
  • Energy rating targets for each building type such as Green Buildings requirements or 6+star ratings
  • Impact of Green Star initiatives and benefits
  • Outside air Design Temperatures 
  • Internal design conditions (temperature and relative humidity for each accommodation type)
  • HVAC system life expectancy, and special maintenance considerations.

Working closely with engineering and design teams, our next step is in understanding the design, then defining the required performance objectives of the HVAC system as set out, on the basis of the agreed performance objectives from your consulting architects and engineers; together we then determine the optimum HVAC solution and establish a set of milestones which include
  • Confirm/agree HVAC performance objectives and compliance criterion
  • Initial System Elimination
  • Detailed System Considerations (including, energy costs, operating Costs, maintenance Costs, replacement cost.
  • Whole of Life Assessment
  • Final Design and Installation confirmation and recommendations.
Our Deliverables include:
  • Strict adherence and application of the Engineering, Architectural and project Owner requirements
  • Installation to Mechanical Engineers Design and Intent
  • Installation of all mechanical equipment including:
    • Controls (Electrical and refrigeration)
    • Plumbing
    • Ducting
    • Piping
    • Certified balancing of all air and water systems
    • Commissioning
  • Pre-functional and functional performance testing of components, systems and all major mechanical  equipment are carried out as follows:
    • Pre-functional Activities
      • Prior to installation we verify that all equipment and components are as submitted and approved by the design team.
      • Upon receiving and receipt of materials and equipment we verify that they are as submitted per the plans and approved.
      • The Process of installation is performed in accordance with ISO standards and practices as per the Australian Building industry code of practice
      • We Clean, leak check, flush, fill, point to point check controls, start up systems and equipment for functional performance testing.
    •  Functional performance testing:
      • Compile all design requirements for flows, static pressure, head, electrical (voltage & amperage), and equipment manufacturer’s submittal for use by start up and functional performance testing personnel.
      • Coordinate project start up team for all equipment and systems.
      • Ensure sure a load for functional performance testing is available
      • Test and record functional performance of all components (air units, pumps, chillers, fans, etc) and systems to verify all meet the design as well as the owner and architect’s project desing requirements.
    •   Post installation and follow up:
      • Handover and acceptance:
      • Acquire sign off by contractors, designers, architects and project owners that mechanical systems are installed, complete and functional as per design
      • Warranty:  Issue/transfer or operate compulsory manufacturer’s warranty.
      • Ductwork as a full service mechanical contractor will under contract, attend to all aspects of ongoing service and maintenance post the warranty period.
  • Commissioning
The process where we act as an extension of service for the  Engineers /architects’ to ensure the mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems have being installed as per design and buildings intent and in accordance with ISO, and the Australian building code of practice, prior to full handover
  • Specialty Systems commissioning and Component start-up
Investigation into functional performance testing or re-commissioning.
Specifically pertinent to malfunctions in cooling or heating, or a condensate return system that is losing water causing excess makeup and costly treatment.  

  • Mechanical System Design Retrofit and upgrades
Ductworks provides system evaluation, design and installation of new upgrades required to meet the owner’s needs or to result in improved performance and dependability.  All projects are performed in consultation with your selected engineering team..
  • Facility maintenance services   
Through our commitment of partnerships Ductworks mechanical services are outsourced by many leading facility providers. We provide full facility maintenance services for chillers, dehumidification systems, humidifiers, variable speed drives, and vibration analysis. 
Agility, speed, transparency, and an in-depth knowledge of the HVAC industry are the key in Ductworks being chosen as the outsourced partner of choice by the major commercial mechanical and facilities players in the HVAC industry.

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