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Ductworks Australia today, is a national HVAC & Refrigeration mechanical engineering business providing a comprehensive range of services for commercial, Industrial and government HVAC+R projects.
In recent years we’ve been growing our business quite significantly, the truth is we don’t just perform routine HVACR+R activities such as installations, break-fix or keeping the lights on for clients projects;
“We build relationships” - It’s people that have underpinned our success!
The company originally formed to satisfy the marketplace needs for a specialist service organisation in providing, a total quality end-to-end service and delivering a true “Business Outcome” for all clients HVAC+R projects across Australia.
We help and assist by addressing the business pressures and challenges of all things HVAC+R. We do this through the leverage of our global partners and networks; we provide a portfolio of products, solutions and services that will enable your business its potential to deliver exciting new cost effective services, while enhancing your customers experience and delivering business based outcomes..
In recent times to encapsulate our growing business capabilities and obligations in demand from clients; we commenced operation of our sister company - Ductworks South West (T/a Bunbury and Busselton Air), through the acquisition of the commercial interest of a local HVAC provider in Bunbury WA. We further increased our portfolio by implementing our own sheet metal shop called “Metal Works,” to provide specialist product and services for the HVAC sector. These new strategies will help drive improved financial performance, and growth of all our clients, by providing new age technological, sustainable and cost effective HVACR+R serices and solutions.
This transition marks the commencement of an exciting phase for us; the addition of these tranches to our business group will add new value through the expansion in services & support for our clients as they embrace their next phase in growth. It also provides a framework for more efficient compliance with regulatory, and operations, which is set to deliver greater efficiencies and productivity, leading ultimately to sustained financial viability by reduced operational expenses in lifecycle costs; adherence in mandatory government and environmental compliance  for all our clients HVAC+R activities.
“Speed”, “Innovativeness”, "Agility", "Reduction of Complexity" and “Excellence” in execution of our deliverables is our sustainable competitive difference.
At Ductworks we have the vision, the expertise and the technology
to help you succeed in this rapidly evolving world of HVAC+R.

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